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We are fully licensed and qualified Immigration advisers in Christchurch, New Zealand. Specialists in New Zealand immigration law, we have 19 years' experience with international visitors to make sure you not only have the best chance of getting your visa application approved, you get the skills needed to make your migration a success.

We believe in making New Zealand immigration law easily understood by people of any culture. For professional and friendly advice or help we are always here for you. We will listen to your situation and do the best we can to help you with respect, empathy and honest service.

Latest update

1. Work Visa changes mean that Essential skills visas for applicants continuing in the same job will be possible for longer

2. Employer accreditation and work visa changes coming in from November 1 2021 may be deffered with the new accredited employer work visa scheduled for mid 2022. Employers must be accredited and fully compliant to be able to continue to hire migrant workers from this date onwards. Currently accredited employers should be able to support new WTR visas for longer. Non-compliant employers may be permanently banned from hiring migrant workers so proper management of your immigration relationship with your migrant workers is a must. Contact us for a free assessment or check out our information for employers.




We always aim for a 100% application success rate!  


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