Employer accreditation

From November 2021 all employers who hire migrant workers will need to become accredited. before this was only for larger employers who wished to provide a pathway to residence for employees, but from this year all this will change. We provide professional services for accreditation applications, coordinating all submission requirements and applying on your behalf. We make sure you have all the documents that INZ need, and help to make a complex process a little smoother. We also continue to work with employers to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Our services to employers

We can help employers remain compliant and maintain capacity to fill roles with skilled migrant workers when you need it.

"Lets us handle to application process for you so you can concentrate on running your business rather than battling with bureaucracy"

Accreditation can be a complex process and requires a high degree of proof that your business meets INZ's criteria. Your business may be profitable and have been established for some time, but evidence is very important. The quality, believability and reliability of the evidence you provide that your business meets the specific criteria for accreditation will affect not only the outcome of the application, but the speed in which it is processed.

Apart from your basic registration details, INZ will want to check:

  • Your finacial position: you must prove that your profit and loss , cashflow, tax obligation and so on is good. You also need to prove that your business is sustainable and has a long term future. 
  • Your HR policies: you mst prove that you have solid HR practices, are compliant and proactive in meeting health and safety, employment law and other administartive requirements
  • Your efforts to hire New Zealanders: you must prove that you consistently make serious efforts to hire New Zealanders, but for various reasons you still have a shortage of workers that you need to fill. This part will also require evidnec eof balance between Kiwi and migrant workers, working conditions, etc
  • Your workplace practices: You need to prove that your employment agreements are appropriate, that your business is generally compliant and has good workplace practices

As Licensed Immigration Advises we are able to do all the work needed on your accreditation application, including dealing wth INZ when they don't underdstand what is going on. We act on your behalf so you and your staff can concentrate on running your business rather than dealing with bureaucracy.  

We handle applications for both employers to become accredited with INZ and for employees to work legally in NZ and to gain residence through this category. For application costs, please see our costs page or contact us for more information. Employer accreditation is quite complex and depending on the structure of your business it may take a lot of preparation to get the documents that INZ want to see. We manage all of this process for employers to make sure that we are able to put in the strongest application possible.

An average cost for an Employer accreditation would be around $2800 + GST + INZ fees (currently $2130)

This is only an average cost but most applications will fall close to this mark. If your situation is more complex or simpler, then it may be more or less than this. Low volume accreditation later in the year is likely to be less costly.

Planned changes for 2021

From November 1 2021 the government has announced changes to work visas. The details of the planned changes are still being sorted out, but the basic framework has been released One thing that will be quite different for all employers is that a high degree of compliance will be expected for everyone wishing to hire an overseas worker. All tax, employment relations, employment law, health and safety and other related requirements will be stringently checked, and employers who fail on these will not be able to hire migrant workers to fill vacant positions. Accreditation will become an absolute necessity for supporting a visa application