Employer accreditation

If you are an employer who regularly hires migrant workers and want to make it a little easier for you and incentive them to stay with you long term, then employer accreditation may be the way to do this for you. A lot of workers actively seek out accredited employers because it also provides are more secure pathway to residence. We provide professional service for accreditation applications, coordinating all submission requirements and applying on your behalf. We make sure you have all the documents that INZ need, and help to make a complex process a little smoother.

Benefits to employers

Being an accredited employer means that an employer's dealings with INZ are a little smoother than usual. One of the biggest differences is that you will no longer need to advertise for a current employee's position so you can continue employing them. The other main benefit for employers is that since being an accredited employer provides a slightly easier pathway to residence for your migrant employees, it is easier to retain good staff and this potential can create more loyalty in staff than otherwise.

There are changes to this system planned by INZ, but it is assumed that these benefits will be retained for the higher level of accreditation. 

Benefits to workers

Working for an accredited employer gives you a degree of stability and reassurance because during the process of accreditation the employer must prove that they have solid practices and are a good employer. For WTR instructions, employees do not need to show English proficiency, so this can be significant to many people. One of the other added benefits is that to apply through this visa stream you need to meet the remuneration threshold, which is currently NZ$79,560 per annum.


We handle applications for both employers to become accredited with INZ and for employees to work legally in NZ and to gain residence through this category. For application costs, please see our costs page or contact us for more information. Employer accreditation is quite complex and depending on the structure of your business it may take a lot of preparation to get the documents that INZ want to see. We manage all of this process for employers to make sure that we are able to put in the strongest application possible.