Employment Consulting and Advocacy

We provide consulting and advice to both employers and employees, for immigration related employment advice as well as general employment law advice and guidance. We will provide the best information for our client, whether they be employer or employee. Employment law as well as Immigration law can be very specific on what is and isn't acceptable and there are ofen overlaps between the two that need to be negotiated clearly.

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Migrant worker employees

For employers,  it is important that your business operates in line with the relevant legislation as breaches in working conditions for migrant workers are treated relatively harshly and tend to be closely monitored recently. You must treat migrant workers fairly and in accordance with statutory requirements, but there are additional requirements for visas as well that go above what is necessary for Kiwi workers. These requirements are not onerous, but are easily overlooked. There is no requirement to treat migrant workers especially different to Kiwi workers in general, so we can help if you have questions about your obligations.

For employees, it is important to realise that you have certain rights and obligtions with employment. Your employer must treat you fairly and provide certain benefits such as holidays and rest breaks. Although your visa may be tied to your employer, there are options available if you are made redundant or fired. Being "sponsor" of your visa does not give your employer more rights than they would with Kiwi workers.

Employers also need to be mindful that how migrant workers are dealt with can have impacts through various legislation, including Employment, Immigration and Immigration adviser's licensing law. There can be serious penalties for breaching provisions of this legislation, so to protect yourself, it is important to be aware.

Our services

  • Visa applications and consulting
  • Employer accreditation
  • Advice on employment agreements and statutory requirements with regard to employment law and immigration law for agreeements and visa applicatios
  • Dispute resolution advice, and advocacy to calm potential disputes before they arise
  • Variations of condition for work, starting work with a new employer

Employment consultation

We are here to help if you are not clear about your rights and obligations for employment, whether this is about what your employment agreement restricts you from doing, or whether you are able to bring a claim against your employer or employee for a breach of contract, to just helping you both talk about the problem and reach an amiable agreement that will allow your working relationship to continue. We would rather see employers and employees have a good relationship than being damaged by unnecessary litigation. However there are times where it is necessary to strongly remind either party of the consequences, or to take action. We can help with this as well.

Our services

  • help you clearly undersatnd your employment agreement and whether a clause in the agreement can be enforced or not
  • Drawing up employment agreements
  • Dispute resolution advice
  • Advice and assistance with bringing action against an employee or employer with the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court if appropriate


We are here to help both employers and employees with any issues around employment, whether is is related to immigration or just employment in general, please feel free to contact us to learn more