Work Visa related employment search

As part of our service to help you get a work visa, whether is is part of your residence application or as just for a work visa, if you don't have a job offer, we will help you get one. This service is at the hourly rate above the standard fee for a work visa application as not all applicants will need this part of the service. If you are finding it difficult to find suitable employment for a work visa then this service may be for you.


Included in the service is a professional re-write of your CV to promote your skills to prospective employers as best possible. In the end, you must be the one to attend the interview and convince the prospective employer to hire you, but we will help you along the way as much as possible. If you think you need interview coaching or English lessons to help you pass the interview than we can help with that at well. Please visit our English Tuition site for more details.

Process, stages and costs

If you decide that you need help finding a job and that you would like us to approach prospective employers on your behalf and manage your immigration matter for you, the first stage is to contact us and we will get things started.

  1. Contact - send us an e-mail together with your CV and as much information possible. We will then assess the likelihood of you being able to gain skilled employment suitable for to type of visa that will enable you to progress toward your goals.
  2. Written agreement - if your situation is assessed as positive, we will then send you a written agreement which outlines the scope of the service and all costs involved with terms of payment.
  3. Payment - a payment of a retainer fee is necessary before work is commenced. We will estimate the likely cost, or you may decide to nominate a fee which you are comfortable to pay. In the event that the actual cost is more or less than the retainer, your permission will be sought before work is continued, or a refund may be given. The retainer fee will be calculated at our hourly rate for the amount of hours the case is likely to incur.
  4. Interview - If we are able to find a prospective employer we will set up an interview for you to attend. We will also liaise with the employer to provide feedback and advice in the event of a negative outcome and help with the next steps if the outcome is positive.

If the service is part of your visa application then we will proceed to that stage once your job offer and employment contract is finalized. It is possible to only engage our services for the job search if you already have a valid work visa, working holiday visa or other type of visa that allows you to legally work in New Zealand.

HR recruitment service

This service is for people who are not in such a hurry. You able to list your details on our job matching website and when an employer lists a job that matches your skills, your details will be sent to that employer. This service has a one-off fee of $250 regardless of how long it takes. This service depends on how many employers we have listed at any time.


for more information on this service, visit our HR recruitment page

Getting started

Please send us an e-mail outlining your intentions. Please also attach a copy of your CV in Word or PDF format. Your e-mail and CV should include:

  • Your work history including the duties of the jobs you have done and your position in the company
  • Your English level (IELTS Score or other test score as well as your assessment of your own communication ability)
  • Your qualifications and the institute where you studied
  • Whether you have looked for work in New Zealand yourself or not - if so, where?
  • Whether you would be willing to come to New Zealand to attend a job interview in person


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