Service usage terms and Conditions

This service aims to connect skilled migrant workers and New Zealand employers and we will act in good faith with both employers and workers at all times. Any person found to be abusing this service will have their details removed.

All users of this are required to abide by the following terms and conditions.

For employers

  1. Offers of employment must be genuine
  2. You must be willing to support the visa of the successful applicant (all assisatance will be provided)
  3. Employment must be in line with all applicable New Zealand law
  4. You understand that advertising on this site does not meet the requirements of INZ for meeting the labour market test
  5. Notify us when
    1. the position advertised has been filled,
    2. when the applicant we referred was successful or unsuccessful
    3. any conditions with the job advertisement have changed
  6.  Follow all relevant immigration procedures when hiring the migrant worker referred to you by us
  7. You are free to list your position at any other service at the same time as with us

For workers

  1. All qualifications, work experience and other details must be genuine and be able to be clearly proved
  2. Payment must be made in full before you are added to our worker database
  3. You understand that membership of the service does not guarantee that you will find a job
  4. Membership of the service and finding a job does not guarantee that your visa application will be successful
  5. The membership payment includes the following services only:
    1. listing on our database
    2. a basic assessment of your chances of getting a visa
    3. introduction to potential employers
  6. No part of using this service means that you are formally represented by KIWI@HOME Immigration advice or Dan Fujikawa in your immigration matter.
  7. If you wish to receive formal immigration advice you must arrange this directly a a separate service.
  8. No refunds will be given for any reason 
  9. Your details will be kept private unless passing them on to potential employers
  10. Your details will be removed from our database and your membership will expire when you have found employment and your visa application is approved
  11. Any person found to be abusing this service or providing blatantly false details will have their membership cancelled without refund
  12. Workers details will only be forwarded to employers within our system
  13. No time frame for getting a job will be promised workers should understand that it may take time to find a job
  14. we reserve the right to refuse your registration for any reason, including if there are too few employers on our database that would be suitable