KIWI@HOME NZDAP Immigration advice volunteer programme

Terms & Conditions

Using the KIWI@HOME NZDAP Free immigration advice programme is subject to the agreement of these terms and conditions

1. Intent

a) First and foremost, this is intended as a community spirited service to make it easier for new migrants and international visitors to access a basic level of immigration advice to make it easier to make an informed decision on how to approach their immigration matter without having to worry about fees.

b) The service is free for 2 reasons:
i. The project is part of KIWI@HOME’s volunteer service programs and association with the Human Rights Commission’s Diversity Action programme
ii. The level of service offered is only preliminary and is limited in nature, especially to the extent of service that can be done without a written agreement

c) The participation by clients in these free sessions is accepted on the understanding that these terms and conditions have been read, agreed to and understood, and all dealings will be done in good faith and in the spirit in which this programme has been created,


2. Clients

a) Free immigration consultation sessions will be available to all new migrants or international visitors in Christchurch, New Zealand at the time of their appointment.

b) Only clients who have been referred by the Christchurch Migrant Centre or its employees or volunteers will be eligible

c) Client’s with additional queries will only be seen a subsequent time when there are spaces available

d) Consultation sessions not open to companies or business, only to individuals. Individuals wishing to start a business or interested in business visas are eligible


3. Scope and extent of work done

a) The scope of work to be done in the free sessions is limited to:
i. non-case work,
ii. work in which under the Immigration Advisers Authority Code of conduct requires a written agreement to be completed before work is started
iii. The level of advice which would give a client a good understanding of whether they require formal immigration advice and should or should not apply for a visa.
iv. What can be reasonably clarified by the time allocated for researching a client’s case. In some cases it may not be possible to give a client exact details and legal advice depending on their individual case.

b) The amount of research into any client’s inquiry will be limited to the amount that could reasonably be expected to be undertaken in less than 15 minutes by a licensed immigration adviser.

c) Legal representation, lodging of application forms and advocating type work requires a written agreement so this and similar types of work will not be covered in the free sessions


4. No guarantee of outcome

a) No guarantee will be given that a client’s case will either succeed or not succeed as this is beyond the adviser’s control

b) Any and all advice is based on the information given by the client

c) No responsibility for how the client uses the advice given will be taken as this is outside of our control


5. Non-engagement

a) The provision of any advice in the free immigration advice sessions is a one-off service and will not be construed to mean that Dan Fujikawa is representing the client as their licensed immigration adviser, meaning: i. We are not acting for you; and ii. We will not be taking any steps on your behalf of your immigration situation

b) If the client wishes us to act on their behalf for any work discussed, it will only be undertaken once a written agreement has been drafted, signed and returned to us.


6. Confidentiality

a) We will treat any personal information you give us as confidential, and keep and maintain such information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.

b) We will not disclose Your personal information without Your prior, written consent, except in the following circumstances:
i. if making a complaint to the Immigration Advisers Authority relating to another adviser or reporting an alleged offence under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007;
ii. for the administration of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007;
iii. as required by law.


7. Conflicts of interest

a) Unless you specifically agree in writing, we cannot give you advice if we are aware that there is a potential or actual conflict of interest relating to you, including the existence of any financial or non-financial benefit we will receive as a result of the relationship with you

b) If we refer you to suppliers of other goods or services, the company or institution concerned may pay a commission or brokerage fee which will be retained by us. If this is the case we will advise you in writing before making the referral