NZDAP Community Immigration Advice Programme

The New Zealand Diversity Action programme is a Human Rights Commission initiative to promote cultural diversity and equal rights of everyone in New Zealand. KIWI@HOME has been a member of the NZDAP since 2012 and have been active in creating projects aimed at allowing international students and visitors to understand and enjoy their human rights in New Zealand and to allow them to more clearly understand and participate in inter-cultural exchanges.

Our main project since 2014, is the Community Immigration Advice Programme. This project is aimed at giving new migrants, refugees and potential migrants a chance at finding out what their immigration options are, or just a chance to ask general questions without having to worry what it might cost. This is meant to be a strictly preliminary consultation which will help people get a clear insight to the direction that would most suit their purpose.

How does the programme work?

New migrants or potential migrants must be referred from the Christchurch Migrants Centre. Each person will be able to get their questions answered and meet with a LIA for free if necessary. All clients will have filled out detailed information forms first so that the time spent talking with the immigration adviser is maximized. Each case will be researched briefly to give the client a clear idea of their possible options and whether further research is warranted. Once the information forms have been received, we will contact each client with an appointment time or send the advice by e-mail directly to the client.

It is up to the client as to whether they pursue their immigration matter and there is no obligation to do so. Unless we receive instruction from the client that they wish to engage our services, and a written agreement is signed and returned, it is to be assumed that we are not acting or representing the client in their immigration matter.

Get started

(for detailed terms and conditions please see the NZDAP programme T&C page)

  1. You must be a new migrant or international visitor in Christchurch at the time of your appointment.
  2. You must be referred through the Christchurch Migrant Centre 
  3. If you need an interpreter, please arrange this yourself. (Only English and Japanese is possible without an interpreter) If you need to book an interpreter, visit interpreting New Zealand or The NZ Society of translators and Interpreters for more information.
  4. Send us an e-mail to register your interest, stating what you want to get information about
  5. Click the immigration assessment link below to be taken to the form to fill out. Submission of the form is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions
  6. Once your form has been received we will contact you to confirm your enquiry has been received.


 The services available in this free programme are limited to what can be done without a written agreement. The IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority) has very strict rules about what licensed advisers must or must not do when giving immigration advice. In general, the work that can be done without a written agreement is non-case work and work that does not include acting on your behalf, representing you to INZ or other 3rd parties. If you know that you need immigration advice or representation of a more detailed nature, please make an appointment for a regular consultation. 





If you have any further questions on how to make an appointment or any other part of this programme, please feel free to contact us