Partnership based visas

This category of visa can be both very difficult and very easy. The interesting paradox is that they are both difficult and easy at the same time because it can be very easy to meet the requirements for the visa, but it can be difficult to actually show that you do meet the requirements. This is what causes most of the problems I think.

The requirements for partnership visas are usually quite simple, you must be of good character (both the New Zealand partner and visa applicant) and you must be in a stable and genuine relationship. There are many more details of course, but this is the fundamental thing. 

One of the common problems is that as Kiwis we strongly feel that we should have the right to live with whomever we love. If you love someone, the laws of a country should not force you to be apart, this is a fundamental human right, surely? As a citizen of a democratic Western country we should be able to rely on the protection of our basic human rights, and this is true. Where this argument fails is that the overseas partner does not yet come under the jurisdiction or protection of NZ laws. They do not have the right to a visa to stay with their NZ partner, this is why they must apply, showing that they meet the conditions of the visa.

The partnership based visa instructions protect NZ citizens right to live with the person they love, only of this relationship is genuine and stable. The burned of proof is higher the more permanent the visa you are applying for, which makes sense. If you are in the beginning of your relationship,and you are not really sure how long term things will be, then a temporary visa such as a visitor visa is probably more appropriate. If you have been together a while and know you will spend the rest of your life together, then you will want a residence visa.

Things get difficult when you assume that INZ will automatically give you a visa because, well you are in love and you are sure it will last forever. How do you prove this? This is the challenge that we face with all partnership visa applications, and why there are so many problems with these applications.

You can't just send in lots of photos together and letters of support from your friends to prove that your relationship is genuine. The quality of your supporting documentation is very important. When the quality of your support material is low, INZ will start asking questions. 

If you are not 100% sure how to make this application properly, it really pays to get advice because if your application fails, INZ will generally not take pity on your relationship and allow your partner to stay in NZ anyway.