What is next for the SMC?

There will be more changes to the SMC for residence following the big changes in October this year, but what will come next? Well, we are not sure yet, but all signs point to changes in how INZ will start recognising if your job is skilled or not. Being "skilled" is the most important part of the Skilled Migrant category.

From next year it is likely that ANZSCO won't be the only way a job will be determined to be skilled.  Currently if a persons job duties substantially match what the ANZSCO definition says it should be then INZ will believe the job to be skilled. The trouble is that it is possible to have a job description that matches the ANZSCO definitions, without being overly skilled, and the other way around, it is possible to have a job that doesn't match the definitions very well at all and be very skilled.

This is a difficult problem so INZ are suggesting that they use income as a secondary indicator. What this means is that if your employer is willing to pay you a high wage, then your job must be skilled. This is both good and bad for different people. If you are doing a job that is skilled when defined by ANZSCO, but your pay is very low, then this will be bad for you and I would encourage you to get an application in before things change. But if you are doing a job that pays really well, but you are having a hard time to align it to anything on ANZSCO, then it may be better to wait for these changes if they are implemented.

Even if this change comes into effect, and it hasn't been decided yet, there will still be ways to show that your job is skilled if it really is.

There are likely to be more changes as well, so it is important to be mindful of this and get advice of you are not sure.