KIWI@HOME Covid 19 policy

We are operating as normal at level 1 now. We are still maintaining a policy of low contact as much as possible because as always our clients and your cases are at the front of our minds and safety for everyone's health is out concern.

Much of our work can be done online and for several years now we have been doing much of our work online, so this is nothing new for us. We love to meet and chat with clients face to face, but the reality is that this is not necessary for effective immigration advice and associated work. if you really do need to meet face to face, we can arrange this, but if it isn't necessary, then lets enjoy working online.

How we manage the risk

  • We are encouraging as much of our work as possible to be done online
  • We maintain high standards of hygiene for ourselves at all times
  • Our systems are optimized for online work, and INZ's systenms as well can handle a large percentage of work done online
  • Clients can contact us, send and sign documents, chat and do anything else using a wide variety of technology platforms, for example e-mail, phone, text, FB messenger, Skype, etc


How does Covid 19 affect your application?

At present expect delays and of course the border is closed. But if you are alraedy onshore then we can still process an application for you.

if you are presently offshore then everything will depend on how you will be affected by the border restrictions, but if you are planning to come to NZ longer term, to work or study for example, then you still may be able to do this if the border situation allows entry. At present NZ's borders are closed to all non-residents, but how this develops is still unpredictable. When the border reopens you may still need to self-isolate for 2 weeks, but if you go through the correct procedures, after that you should be able to stay and do things in NZ within the usual restrictions. The restrictions are constantly being updated and it pays to check on these before you get started. For example, in the space of writing this advisory the rules had already changed.

Visa applications are still being processed, and though they are a little slower than usual, visas are still being approved if they merit it. If your visa is approved and you are not able to enter NZ because of the border closure, then your entry conditions may be varied to allow a later entry. INZ offices are now open and more and more and also staff are able to work from home more than before as well. Still INZ are focussing on certain applications first, but we are accepting prepartion cases to get things going sooner when they are able to be processed as well.


Official information from INZ on how Covid-19 may affect visas and so on can be found here


Official information

Please only trust information from official sites. In NZ this means Healthline  0800 611 116, the Government Covid 19 website And INZ's website

There is a wide range of incorrect and misinformation, please check that what you hear or read is real, by checking with these official sources first