Visa applications

We prepare and submit on our client's behalf, almost any visa application that is currently available through Immigration New Zealand. We professionally assess your legal situation and eligibility for a visa and prepare it, including assisting you or your employer or sponsor with gathering the correct and relevant supporting information and documents, and then submitting the prepared visa application for assessment. Our set fee also includes any PPI letters and answering questions that INZ have about your application, right until the end of the process.

A visa needs to match your purpose of being in New Zealand and there are requirements that you need to meet before the visa is granted. To have your visa application approved you must show that you meet the requirements for that visa. Having an immigration adviser prepare your application helps the immigration officer assessing your application see it as positively as possible. Also if there are problems, we can deal directly with INZ on your behalf and help things go smoothly.

We enjoy a very high success rate and even though we often take on very difficult cases, we will always strive to get the best result or solution to your individual situation.

The fees for different types of visa are different for each case. If it is a simple or standard application, the fee will be less than for difficult applications. For fees for the average case, please see our costs page. Each client's case will have a cost set, which will be clearly set out in each individual agreement.

Visitor visas

These can be straightforward or difficult depending on the case. One of the most common problems with Visitors visas is to prove you are a bona fide (real or genuine) visitor. If INZ thinks you may have another purpose for visiting New Zealand then they may not approve your visa.

We also do visa extensions and letters to explain factors which may make things difficult for your visa to be approved like previous refusal of entry or previous declined visas, criminal records and so on.

Student visas

Getting a student visa means that you must be a genuine student and be studying at an approved school, full time. There are some conditions both you and your school must meet. Studying in New Zealand can sometimes be a good place to start for residence or further visas such as Post Study Work visas.

At KIWI@HOME we also have 20 years experience in international education so we can also give you advice and guidance on how to study effectively so that you can understand and get good results from your course.

Work visas

To work in New Zealand you will need a visa whcih allows you to work. For a work visa both you and your employer need to meet some conditions depending on the type of work you will do in New Zealand. Work visas can be difficult or have strict conditions depending on the skill level of the job, your qualifications, experience, and the availability of New Zealanders to do the same job. A licensed adviser can add value to your application by making sure all the requirements are met and by helping you show that you still meet the criteria, even when the systems of qualifications and other factors in your country may not match those in New Zealand.

For more information about work visa, please visit our work visas page


Residence class visas

There are many types of residence visas, all aimed at attracting the type of migrants that the New Zealand Government wants to move here. Gaining residence in New Zealand is only as difficult as showing that you meet the criteria, which in many cases can be quite difficult. residence visas are one of the more challenging and interesting visa applications we do and there are many factors to consider and many pathways that can lead to residence. It is best to talk to us early if you are considering applying for residence as the preparation may take quite a long time, or you may miss out on opportunities that could have helped you at the time.

To qualify for residence you need in-demand job skills or money to invest or family who live in New Zealand, and good English, good health and good character. An immigration adviser helps by firstly making sure that you gather the appropriate documents and that your application is presented to INZ in a way which makes it clear that you meet the requirements for the visa type you are applying for.

For more information about residence class visas, please visit our residence visas page