General work

Immigration advice covers many different types of work, not just applying for visas. We are professionals in NZ immigration law, so we provide advice on all aspects of NZ immigration law, finding work, deciding on the best pathway to reach your goals, and so on.

We are happy to help you with any matter, no matter how small it is. If you have filled out your visa application form and just want us to check it before you lodge it then we are happy to help. If you need a letter written to explain something that might affect the acceptance of your visa, then we are happy to help with this too.

General work is done at our hourly rate, so you only pay for the amount of work that applies to you. If your request is very simple, we don't think that it should cost you too much.

To ask us about a matter which you think would be general work, send us as much information as you can, directly by e-mail. Main email address: or alternative email address:   

PPI letter responses

This is the most common type of general work. When a client has done their application themselves and run into problems because their case officer has asked for new information or finds mistakes in the application. For applications onshore, the immigration officer will send a letter asking the client to fix certain details. This can be very difficult and is a good reason to get a licensed adviser to do your case from the start if you are unsure of anything. This work is usually difficult and has to be done in a very short time frame. We enjoy the challenge and will always do our best for any client in this situation.

Other immigration matters which may come under the category of "general work" are:

  1. Writing a letter to explain why you were refused a visa in the past
  2. Checking your own application form
  3. Helping you understand what documents INZ are asking you to submit and advice on how to get them
  4. General advice on how best to proceed with your application or prepare for your application
  5. Dealing with other people such as your employer, partner or education provider to help with your immigration matter
  6. Answering your questions about your rights and obligations in NZ as a new or future migrant
  7. Information about settlement in New Zealand and what services might be available to you