Fees and service structure

We are proud to always charge reasonable fees and that is why we always openly put them on our website. Individual cases are different, so charges may vary depending on the complexity of the case. The prices on this page are an average and may vary slightly depending on the complexity of your case. Please contact us for an accurate quote for your case.

"To protect your payment, all clients' funds are kept in a separate and secure client account until the work has been completed"

Fee payment process

The first step is to contact us and send us information about your case. We will find out as much as possible about your immigration matter and decide on what option is best for you. If we find that there is nothing that can be done, then the process ends there.

  1. Once we have assessed your situation, we will advise you on this and provide you with a quote for the work to be done
  2. If you accept this quote, we will send you a written agreement (if appropriate), and an invoice.
  3. We will send you a receipt and start work when the invoice is paid and the agreement has been signed and returned
  4. Once the stages of work have been completed as in the agreement, the fee for that stage will be transferred from our client account to our business account. Until this time your payment is kept in our secure client account and this fee may be eligible for a refund as per our refund policy 

As well as being a IAA Code of Conduct requirement, we are committed to providing a quality service that is easy for everyone to understand and use, at a reasonable cost.

Service and costs

Our costs will vary depending on the complexity of the case. please contact us for a quote for your individual immigration matter. The costs below are intended as a guide based on the average case. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all fees are to be paid in advance on a retainer fee basis or as otherwise set out in the written agreement. 

General work and Consultations 

Service Description Fee
Initial enquiry Preliminary information gathering, no advice given except in the circumstances where the case is impossible and client is advised not to proceed Free
Consultation Ranging from specific questions to just "what should I do?" This is often the starting point in the immigration process. Clients choose how much they need and the fee is charged accordingly.  from $80
General work

Miscellaneous work, non-categorised work. This could include:

  • checking your visa application,
  • general advice
  • Assessment of chances of success
  • Writing letters for Section 61 requests, previously declined visas, declined entry,
  • PPI letter responses and general correspondence with INZ
  • other one-off jobs including educational consulting and advice for settlement support
$235 / hour 
Please see our Process and initial consultations page for more clarification on processes and how fees are applied


Visa applications

Common application types are listed in the table below, please contact us for other types of visa applications such as Entrepreneur Work Visa, other partnership visas and son on. The prices in this table are to be use a guide only, different situations may alter the actual cost of the work to be done.

Visa or Type of work done Standard Fee  Fee for complex cases
Visitor visa $1050 $1900 
Student Visa $850 $1600
Work Visa $1550 Simple case fee + hourly rate
Residence class visas $3300 Simple case fee + hourly rate
Partnership Visitor visa $1350 Simple case fee + hourly rate
Partnership work visa $1850 Simple case fee + hourly rate
Employer accreditation $1750 + Hourly rate after the first 8 hours work  
Standard surcharges for extra work    
Non visa waiver country surcharge Std fee + $450  
Include partner on temporary entry visa (Not partnership visas) Std fee + $500  
Include partner in residence visa STD fee + $1100  
Include dependent children Std + $120 (per child)  
Urgent cases (less than 1 week) Std fee + $450  

* Dsbursements (3rd party fees that we might pay on your behalf such as INZ application fees) are not included in our fees.
* All costs do not include GST or bank transfer fees if these are applicable in your area



We have a clear refund policy and refunds will be given when fair and reasonable. All payments from clients will be kept in a separate and secure client account until the work has been completed as specified in the written agreement. Having a separate client account means that we are always able to meet our refund obligations in any case. All refund requests will be carefully considered and decided on their own merits.