How should I contact you?

Any way to contact us is fine, but we would prefer an email if possible. Because we need as much information as possible to give you an accurate answer, e-mail is best. If you want to send us a text, or Skype message, or call by phone, then this is also OK.

What is free and what do I have to pay for?

To contact us is free, we will briefly assess your case and situation for free also. To receive advice will cost depending on the amount of help you need. We will always tell you how much things will cost in advance and we will not start any work until we have your written agreement. Generally it will not cost you anything just to find out what you need to do and what is possible in your situation, but it will cost when you need specific answers to your questions.

How will I know when I need to pay?

We will always check that you understand that a service needs to be paid for before we start the work. When any paid work is done you will always know how much it should cost and how long it should take. Also in general payment is to be made in advance so if you haven't been sent an invoice, then you can usually assume that it will be free. if in doubt, just ask and our friendly team will clarify for you.

What information can I get for free?

We will tell you if you have a chance, which means that we will accept your case. We will also tell you if you don't have a chance, and briefly tell you the reasons why it looks to be impossible for you. We will not usually accept cases where there is definitely no chance of success, so this check and the results are always done for free, unless a lot of investigation is necessary. We will also give you general information that will help you to decide what to do next, so that you can make an informed choice.

Forms menu

If you prefer to fill in a form to make a booking, then check our forms menu

Appointment booking form

I want some advice on some specific immigration matter

If you want specific advice then you need to make a booking for a consulation. You can email us with your issue first and we can proceed from there.  Please include all important information. The more relevant information you include, the better we can help you. If there is information that won't fit on the form please send it by e-mail

  • Initial check: We will look at your information and make an intitial check that it is not impossible. Then we will organsie an appointment tiem fro you, or advise further if you want a written answer
  • Initial advice. Once your issue has been checked we will start work on answering your questions and researching the legal situation surrounding your case. When you attend the meeting, your questions will be answered and you will be given a written summary. If you have just requested a written summary with no meeting, then this will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Proceeding further. if your case looks likely to succeed and you want us to help you with your immigration matter then a formal written agreement will be drawn up, an invoice will be sent and we will start on your case.

I want you to apply for my visa and just want to know if you will take my case.

Contact us. Send us an e-mail and also submit the appropriate form for your visa type. Forms can be found on the Information forms menu or in the list below. If you are not sure what form to submit, just ask us first. 

Free initial analysis. We will check your basic details and assess whether you meet the basic criteria and whether your chances of success make it acceptable for us to take on your case. 

Accepting your case. Once you have decided to proceed with your immigration matter we will draft an agreement and send you an invoice to get started.