KIWI@HOME Covid 19 policy

We are operating as normal, sharing time between our city and home offices. As always our clients and your cases are at the front of our minds and safety for everyone's health is out concern.

KIWI@HOME has been working online as much as possible for many years now. Our systems and structures have been optimised for online work so we have adapted to working through the Covid-19 lockdown with no issues experienced. 

INZ have improved the online functionality of their systems and as such many visa applications and requests can be completed online.  Supporting documents and evidence required for your immigration matter can be sent, processed and uplaoded all without having to receive physical documents.

Client meetings can be held online using video communications such as Skype or Zoom when necessary. This all adds up to being able to send and receive information without compromising the health and safety of our staff and our clients.

How we manage the risk

  • Our staff are all fully vaccinated and will keep this status updated
  • Our city office is set up for contact tracing and has sanitizer available
  • We maintain high standards of hygiene for ourselves at all times
  • Our systems are optimized for online work, and INZ's systenms as well can handle a large percentage of work done online
  • Clients can contact us, send and sign documents, chat and do anything else using a wide variety of technology platforms, for example e-mail, phone, text, FB messenger, Skype, etc

Be Flexible

The immigration instructiosn are constantly changing so it pays to be flexible in your expectations. We manage our clients' cases to keep on top of changes and are alwasy alert for anything that may affect your application or eligibility. Changing policies do mean that some people will suddenly become unable to submit an application when they were able to before and vice versa. We encourage our clients to keep a flexible mindset in these times. 


At present the only limitations on the work we can do are those that are still in place as immigration policy. certain visa types are still on hold from offshore for example.  


Your privacy is taken seriously and all documents and data are stored securely. You do not need to send us sensitive information or passwords and so on. Preparing applications and other work online is as secure as any other way. We offer secure file uploading so you can upload and see your documents if you wish to at anytime. Payments are made through internet banking and using our own systems, so your financial details are not shared anywhere. A well managed online system utilizes highly secure 3rd party systems as well, whcih a generally safer and more secure than physical documents.

Our availability

We are available to work and receive your enquiries 7 days a week. As we don't keep standard Monday to Friday, 9:00~ 5:00 office hours, we can receive enquiries anytime by e-mail, form enquiry, Skype, Wechat or mobile phone. While we may not always be free to talk, we will get back to you as soon as we can, any day of the week. We think this is one of the big advantages of working without the limitations of an office.

How does Covid 19 affect your application?

At present the processing situation is almost back to normal, but of course the border is closed. If you are alraedy onshore then we can still process an application for you.

if you are presently offshore then everything will depend on how you will be affected by the border restrictions, but if you are planning to come to NZ longer term, to work or study for example, then you are only able to do this if the border situation allows entry. At present NZ's borders are closed to many categories of non-residents, but how this develops is still relatively unpredictable. The restrictions are constantly being updated and it pays to check on these before you get started. For example, in the space of writing this advisory the rules had already changed.

Most INZ offices are open again and visas are being processed. 

Official information from INZ on how Covid-19 may affect visas and so on can be found here

Official information

Please only trust information from official sites. In NZ this means Healthline  0800 611 116, the Government Covid 19 website And INZ's website

There is a wide range of incorrect and misinformation, please check that what you hear or read is real, by checking with these official sources first