Process and Content

The first part of the process should always just to get in touch. You will never have to pay without being told so first, so anyone can contact us freely and easily. Once we know what your immigration need is and if there is a chance to proceed, then the process will start. How the process continues depends on your needs.

If you need formal immigration advice or assistance, then a written agreement will be drawn up to make things such as costs and obligations clear and accurately defined. Payment is to be made in advance and client's funds are kept safely in a separate client account until the work has been completed as set out in the written agreement.

Process overview

This is an overview of the process for general clients.

  1. Send us an email with details of your immigration matter. Please include as much relevant information as possible so we can give you a clear answer on what to do next. This is free, but no immigration advice will be given at this stage.
  2. If there is nothing we can do for you, then we will tell you this and simply the reasons why. This is free.
  3. Depending on what can be done for you, we will tell you that we can help, advise of our fee and basic process
  4. If you accept this process, we will send you a form for more information and an invoice for payment of the appropriate fee
  5. Once your payment has been received we will start on your case, this may involve requesting more information from you or from INZ as needed, or investigating the immigration law that is relevant to your circumstances we may arrange a meeting with you if necessary, or the whole process may be done through e-mail communication.
  6. Every case is different so there is no set way that fits everyone If your case includes a visa application you will be asked to confirm the details of the application before we submit it. If your case is an assessment or general questions and answers then the results will be sent to you or a meeting set up depending on the process you have selected Once the work has been completed we will transfer your payment into our business account and the case will be closed


What does our service include?

We provide a set fee servuice for most visa applications where there is a definite pathway. This is based on our experience of how much work is involved in an application of that type. For appeals, PPI letter responses and so on we do this work at our standard hourly rate. This is because the estimate of the work involved may tunr out to be more or less than what it actaully takes.

Set fee work includes:

  • checking your current supporting documents for suitablity
  • advice on collecting supporting documentation or aliging current documentation to immigration requirements
  • advice on aligning your general situation to immigration requirements
  • compilation and preparation of application
  • filling out application form and submission
  • follow up with INZ as necessary
  • manage application until a decision is made
  • respond to information requests
  • respond to PPI letters
  • deliver your visa to you

The set fee cost for applications includes all the usual things that may occur during an application. Because we can control mucyh of what happens we also answer any INZ requests at no extra charge. As professionals we work to mitigate any risk and aim not to have any PPI letters to answer. The set fee represents very special value because INZ are very unpredictable and often raise irrelevant issues that can be very problematic. We deal with all of these on your behalf for no extra fee.


"I just have one question...."

If you have questions on how to proceed with our services, then just send us an e-mail, we will be glad to help. If you have questions about your immigration matter, how to fill in the visa application form, if you are eligible for a particular type of visa or anything like that, then please make a booking for a consultation or fill out the immigration consultation form and submit it to us. Once we receive this form we will check it and send you an invoice for the services you have selected.

"I want you to apply for my visa for me"

No problem, send us an e-mail with the details of what you want to apply for and the reasons / evidence of why you think you are eligible. We will check this and if you are eligible we will send you a written agreement and an invoice and then we will get started on your application. Once we get started on your application we will talk with you, meet with you and do everything necessary to make the chances of success as high as possible.

"Do you give free advice?"

In general we do not give free advice, except in the case where you have no chance of success. As licensed professionals in immigration law our advice is often complex and must be legally sound, and as such this is not given lightly. When we give advice, the answers are all backed up by current NZ immigration law and years of experience. We treat every situation seriously and appreciate the uniqueness of every case. Free advice is often not as detailed as what can be gained from a proper consultation and it is for this reason that we do not believe free advice is a positive thing for clients to seek.

We generally do not give immigration advice over the phone

This is for the same reasons that we don't do free advice, and that immigration advice is a formal, professional service which only certain professionals, including licensed immigration advisers are authorised to give. If you call us for immigration advice you will be directed to either make an appointment or to send your basic information to us by email. We will look at your information and assess the chances of your case for free, but if you want your questions answered you will need to choose one of our paid service options. If you wish to make an appointment directly and discuss your immigration matter in length, then this is also possible and will be charged at the standard hourly rate fee.

0% chance of success applications

Generally we do not accept applications with no chance of success. If your case is clearly not going to be successful, we will tell you for no charge. To assess whether a case has a chance of success we offer a free initial assessment. We do accept difficult cases and cases with little chance of success if there is merit in doing so, and can offer advice and potential pathways for situations where a specific application has no chance of success for example. Clients are asked to submit an information form depending on the type of visa they wish to apply for. Based on the information given, we make a basic assessment of the chances of success. This process is completely free.

Note that if your case passes the initial assessment, this is no guarantee that your application or immigration matter will be successful, it is only an indication that it has a chance of success.